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The History of Fried Chicken

It’s finger licking good and one of the best pieces of food that the world has created, it’s fried chicken. Almost everyone loves chicken, and you can dunk it in oil and bread crumbs to make that meat even better! Everyone has their own way of making it that is better than everyone else’s and it’s become well known as comfort food in different parts of the world.

It actually started in Scotland, with the scots frying their chicken in fat. They didn’t add any spices or tricks; it was just frying chicken without the extra fuss. It worked and was especially popular in the southern United States. Then Africans came over and brought their spices into the dish, causing the flavor to skyrocket. Since then, it’s something almost everyone has eaten, and since it can survive hot weather pretty well it was a common food for workers.

But the southern American variant isn’t the only fried chicken out there, and in Asia, they make a fried chicken where the skin is crunchy and crispy but the meat is soft. That texture combination just lights the mouth on fire, doesn’t it! Then they eat the chicken with pepper salt and prawn crackers.

Even the Koreans have bite-sized fried chicken that is eaten as a snack or appetizer, and it’s the perfect fried chicken delivery snack before you go on your busy day.

The Rise of Chain Restaurants

There are countless restaurants that claim they have perfected the idea of making fried chicken or have a certain special sauce or seasoning that is their main selling point. Since people love fried chicken, the idea of selling it and reinventing it into new things has been a main selling point. Chain restaurants such as Cane’s sell the secret sauce, and other places have made chicken fries, chicken and waffles, chicken sandwiches, and other dishes.

Originally fried chicken, and chicken in general, was food designed to be eaten on special occasions since chicken was a rarity. The meal was then associated with southern households and African Americans during later years, before finally becoming a common and equal food enjoyed by millions of people every single day.

Often you can find it with biscuits, gravy, and other comfort food that will certainly fill you up.

How is it Fried?

fried chicken deliveryspecial sauce or seasoning

There isn’t one method of frying chicken that works for everyone. While the most common form of frying chicken is deep frying it, some people and restaurants use pan frying techniques to keep things a bit healthier and to save oil.

But mostly, restaurants use industrial equipment to pressure fry chicken quickly while also keeping it hot enough for people to eat. This ensures that they fry the meat thoroughly and also keep the food moving out to their customers quickly. Regardless of how the chicken is fried, the end result is one that is extremely delicious!

Whether you buy it or make it at home, there’s nothing better than a plate of fried chicken to wind you down.

Organic Burger Makes You Even Hungrier

All this talk about food can make a guy really hungry. Or in this case, all this writing of food. In this case, there’s all this talk, or writing about the all-time people’s favorite, the juicy, meaty, hunger busting beefy burger. Not just in your town but pretty much all over the world right now. No matter the culture or culinary preference, folks still have a craving or a succulent burger on a fresh bread roll with a decent side order of fries. Or chips as it is called in some parts of the world. Speaking of which.

Speaking of some parts of the world, there’s only one place in the world where you’re going to get your hands on and teeth into an angus burger. Actually, juggle that up a bit. Because the wholesome guys can pre-pack your bulk order and have it shipped out your way, making sure it stays fresh the whole way. The thing about this kind of burger is that it’s a great opportunity to get two things right for once and for all. On the one hand, you get to satisfy your craving and quiet down your hunger pangs.

angus burger

And on the other hand, here’s this great opportunity for you to clear your arteries and keep your ticker ticking along healthily. Because this here burger is what they call an organic burger. It is no less beefy than what you would have normally been accustomed to. In fact, it’s probably going to be even meatier, still so fresh from the farm. It can be lean and mean too when the fat content gets cut in half. And it’s also free of gut-wrenching bacteria and all those other germs you would usually find in those icky slaughter houses out your way.

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It’s Time to Enjoy Fish on the Dinner Plate

Seafood is a delicious, healthy food that can be prepared in the kitchen any night of the week. It doesn’t take long to prepare seafood, and its versatility enables you to enjoy it prepared in a variety of ways. Plus, fish can easily be paired with an array of just as easy to prepare side items. Head out to the local market to find the day’s best fresh seafood marietta and make sure tonight is fish night.

Fish is low-fat, high protein and contains other vitamins and minerals that our body needs to thrive and survive. Many of the fish species out there are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help process food for energy and give the brain, eyes, and central nervous system the benefits they need. Furthermore, research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of heart disease! It is easy to say that you need fish in your diet.

fresh seafood marietta

It is recommended that we all consume at least 2 servings of seafood each week. Although there are a variety of seafood options that can suffice this need, for many people it is fish that is preferred over the rest. There are many types of fish that you can prepare and consume at home, as mentioned, in addition to haddock, whitefish and salmon there’s also shellfish like shrimp, crab and lobster. As far as fish is concerned, people consume species such as tuna, anchovies, caviar, catfish, and tilapia more often than others.

Due to high levels of mercury found in seafood, women who are pregnant should minimize the amount of seafood they consume and search for seafood items that are low in mercury levels. It is safe to eat seafood during pregnancy as long as it is done in moderation and when you know the right seafood to eat.

Different types of Beef Meat

Unless you are a chef or someone who really loves barbeque, you probably don’t know your ribeye from your steaks. Cow meat is just all beef, right? Well, the different body parts of a cow all contain different types of meat, and all of them create different recipes and have different toughness and flavors.

There are eight cuts of beef: Chuck, rib, sirloin, loin, round, brisket, flank and shank. The meat around the neck and legs of the cow is often made of muscle, so it is very tough. However, the ribs and loin are extremely tender because they are in the center of the animal.

An example of the tough meat is the chuck meat. This is the meat that forms hamburgers, pot roast, and flat-iron steaks. It’s the right mix of tough and tasty, and it extremely common. The brisket meat makes, well, brisket. It’s very fatty and tough, but if you cook it right it can become tender.

The loin is the most expensive part of the cow, as it is an extremely tender source of meat. It’s also very expensive, but well worth it if you can pay the price for a tasty meal. Several types of short loin meat from the top sirloin redmond or are tenderloin steak, filet mignon, and New York Strip. The Sirloin is just underneath it, and from there you get sirloin steak and ball tip steak.

top sirloin redmond or

The rest of the cuts all have their types of meat and every type has the best way for it to be cooked, and various stores and shops all have their own way of organizing the meat cuts. However, if you understand the eight cuts and the things that the meat is used for, then you’ll be well prepared to enter every single supermarket and have an idea of what meat you’ll be eating.

Catering For Your Wedding

catering matawan

Getting married is incredibly exciting and there are plenty of little things that you may want, or need, to do to make sure that your day is absolutely perfect. But, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of things that you want to make sure that you take care of and understand ahead of time. How do you know that you’re getting what you want without breaking the bank?

When you start to look at catering matawan and how much that they can help you, you’re going to notice that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You may be looking at your various options and thinking that it may be better to just go with the basics. You may think that you should just go all out and have the best food ever. It’s likely that you’re just trying to sort out all of the info you need so that you can get the best results and know that you have solid options.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways for you to find what you need and get the help that you may want when it comes to getting a great menu together. Explore how much it may cost and see how much food that you may need. A caterer will likely help you look at everything that you want, or need, to do and give you the options necessary to make a difference. Then, when all is said and done, you will find that you can get ahead of the game and work toward goals that make sense. You can get great food and find out just how great of an experience that your wedding is going to be for everyone that is involved in the ceremony or gathering.

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When to Use a Catering Company

When should you hire a caterer? A catering company prepares a delicious meal for a large crowd, minimizing the time that you spend in the kitchen while ensuring that everyone in attendance of the event eats good. You can find many types of caterers out there, but if you opt for authentic italian catering san jose ca there is no doubt you will win over the hearts of all. Read below to learn some of the best occasions to hire a catering company and make that call when it is time to get services. You will not be disappointed.

·    Business Meetings: When a meeting will take a couple hours, make it comfortable for everyone by having snacks, hors d’oeuvres, or even a great meal planned.

·    Company Events: There are many company events that are great for the services that a caterer offers. Picnics, holiday parties, and many others are worth making the call.

authentic italian catering san jose ca

·    Wedding: A wedding reception demands delicious food that is ready to serve after a couple says ‘I do.’ There are far too many other things to plan when you’re getting married to worry about food.

·    Birthday Parties: Spaghetti is an Italian and a kid’s favorite. Hire a caterer to serve this to the kids at the part (and the adults too) and ensure that it is a birthday party to remember!

Caterers can prepare all of the Italian foods that you love and are soon to love, including spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, and more. They also offer breads, desserts, side items, and drinks. Pick and choose the items that you want to serve at your event and they’ll make sure that the food arrives in tasty form on the big day. You want to taste the scrumptious food that a caterer has to offer.

Sushi Is Good For You

There is an ardent desire to turn no-one away from something really worthwhile. But fortunately, this informational article needs not buttress anything deviant or misconceiving from the public or consumers’ eyes. Its job is already done by merely stating the facts. And it is a well-known fact that the original sushi dish has its roots in raw fish. The typical and traditional sushi roll, with fish as its main ingredient, decorates raw fish for the benefit of culinary consumption. Not wishing to turn readers with a general love of food away, an appeal is made to read to the end rather than look away.

Indeed, for some, the consumption of raw fish is as unappetizing as it is awkward for those that are renowned to be squeamish, never wishing to test the adventurous side of their palate. But dear reader, rest assured that if your palate insists on being uncompromising, the traditional sushi catering haleiwa hi company does offer other alternatives which may turn out to be pleasing to the palate, particularly if it happens to indulge in a traditional love of all things vegetarian. In fact, it has never been much of an effort for the sushi artist to cater towards the demands of today’s vegan palate.

sushi catering haleiwa hi

While the rolling of raw fish into bite-sized morsels has been a culinary tradition for centuries, with its roots in Japan, it has also been a cultural and culinary tradition for those who hail from the land of the rising sun to indulge in raw veggies as part of their main course or as a side dish. Final encouragement to give the fish-based sushi a try perhaps in the sense that raw fish is good for you, very rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.   

6 Reasons to Eat Pizza for Lunch

When it is time to grab a bite to eat, what will you feast upon? Why not choose pizza as your fill-me-up for lunch? It’s a popular food that is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all backgrounds. And, all of the best restaurants Andover MA serve pizza. The list of reasons to indulge in pizza for lunch is endless, but we’ll share 6 of the biggest and the best reasons here with you.

1.    Variety: Pineapples on pizza? If that’s what you like. There’s tons of ways to make a pia, so you can have it your way no matter what toppings you want on your pie!

2.    Affordable: The cost of a pizza varies from one restaurant to another. But what does not change is that pizza is always affordable, so even when you are eating on a budget, this is a specialty you can afford!

3.    Filling: Sometimes you visit a restaurant, shell out $30+ to eat and are hungry a short time later. But, if pizza is the lunch entree, hunger will not strike you any time soon because it is very filling. And, sometimes it is even healthy!

4.    Fun: Pizza is fun and it is loved by people of all ages. So, no matter who is you lunch date, the food selection will appease their taste buds more often than not!

5.    Leftovers: When you choose to eat pizza at lunch, you may have dinner needs covered, too. Since pizza is so filling, there are oftentimes leftovers available to accommodate your dinner needs.

best restaurants Andover MA

6.    Healthy: As mentioned, pizza can be good for you, depending on the toppings selected for your pie. But, no matter how you slice it, pizza contains tomatoes which are high in lycopene, cheese which is high in calcium.

Classic Mystery Tales

Do you like a good murder mystery? The literary world has been filled with several classic books that start up imagination as they tell the tale of fantastic mysteries that are solved by clever characters. You can experience one of these mysteries first hand on a murder mystery dinner train manatee county florida provides. On this train, you can recount the tales of mystery that weave throughout the various character stories and plots the actors portray. But until you get on the train, here are some classic mystery tales that can quench your thirst for drama and thrill.

Hound of the Baskervilles

This is a classic novel by Arthur Conan Doyle which recounts the tale of Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson. In this thrilling book, Watson has gone missing and Sherlock must figure out how to get his partner in justice back.

The Maltese Falcon

Murder and mystery collide in this gripping story, told by Dashiell Hammett, of Spade as he enters a whirlwind relationship with a woman that makes him question himself. He is blamed for a killing he did not commit – how will this story end?

Murder on the Orient Express

dinner train manatee county florida

Agatha Christie paints the vivid tale of a train ride through Europe gone wrong when a passenger is murdered. The world’s greatest detective must now figure out who among the group aboard the train committed the act before they get to their destination.

If these tales interest you, then you should read them and hop aboard your own murder mystery train and experience these worlds on your own. These talented authors have worked to deliver classic thrillers that will last in the literary world for years to come. They have made their mark on society and they can make their mark on you as well.

Starting Up Your First Restaurant

Look at the latest business trends online pertinent to your town or city and you will see that there can be no better time than now to open a restaurant. If you’re based anywhere in the States, you’ll pick up that over half of the productive population has intentions of being seated at a restaurant table at any given time of the day or week.

So, there you go; there’s a market for your culinary craftsmanship and, certainly, for your restaurant equipment and supplies that need to go along with this business development.

When you look at the positive trends, you need not be hesitant about venturing into this enterprise. You probably do know that starting up a restaurant will take hard work, but with so many step by step guides available online, it remains possible for you to be successful in this (ad)venture.

Here are just eight suggested steps, giving you an indication of what the work of opening a first restaurant entails.

You’ll need help in writing up an initial business plan, because you’re also going to need to haul in the interest of investors who could be helping you out with your startup loan.

restaurant equipment and suppliesguides available online

It cannot be easy, but striving for some form of originality could be inspiring a new, trendy concept. This will include your unique brand of service style and the kind of food you will be serving.

One of the most invigorating aspects of conceptualizing a restaurant remains that of deciding how the first menu is going to look.

And part of writing up your first menu will be the design and building of a physical theme around it. This will include your tables and chairs and general décor. And in order for it to be successful from a financial point of view, you need to be able to create a flawless flow from restaurant entry point to all the way back in the kitchen.

And an ideal location at affordable leasing rates still needs to be found. You will also be taking into account your proximity to busy lanes of foot traffic.

Equipment and food supply is vital. You’ll need a reliable network to call upon almost on a daily basis. Apart from having access to fresh ingredients and reliable supply chains, you’re going to need to assess whether your budget will be able to manage the costs.

In a busy city like Miami there will be no shortage of staffing opportunities. But the challenge for any first-time restaurateur remains that of hiring the right and legal hands.

Speaking of legalities, the restaurant owners needs to be in possession of several local, state and federal permits and licenses.

Nationwide, no matter where you are, you’ll be realistic enough to accept that as a startup, you could be faced with any number of challenges. But this motivational guide did also show you that if you do your homework, nothing is impossible, certainly not opening up a restaurant for the first time.