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Classic Mystery Tales

Do you like a good murder mystery? The literary world has been filled with several classic books that start up imagination as they tell the tale of fantastic mysteries that are solved by clever characters. You can experience one of these mysteries first hand on a murder mystery dinner train manatee county florida provides. On this train, you can recount the tales of mystery that weave throughout the various character stories and plots the actors portray. But until you get on the train, here are some classic mystery tales that can quench your thirst for drama and thrill.

Hound of the Baskervilles

This is a classic novel by Arthur Conan Doyle which recounts the tale of Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson. In this thrilling book, Watson has gone missing and Sherlock must figure out how to get his partner in justice back.

The Maltese Falcon

Murder and mystery collide in this gripping story, told by Dashiell Hammett, of Spade as he enters a whirlwind relationship with a woman that makes him question himself. He is blamed for a killing he did not commit – how will this story end?

Murder on the Orient Express

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Agatha Christie paints the vivid tale of a train ride through Europe gone wrong when a passenger is murdered. The world’s greatest detective must now figure out who among the group aboard the train committed the act before they get to their destination.

If these tales interest you, then you should read them and hop aboard your own murder mystery train and experience these worlds on your own. These talented authors have worked to deliver classic thrillers that will last in the literary world for years to come. They have made their mark on society and they can make their mark on you as well.