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The History of Fried Chicken

It’s finger licking good and one of the best pieces of food that the world has created, it’s fried chicken. Almost everyone loves chicken, and you can dunk it in oil and bread crumbs to make that meat even better! Everyone has their own way of making it that is better than everyone else’s and it’s become well known as comfort food in different parts of the world.

It actually started in Scotland, with the scots frying their chicken in fat. They didn’t add any spices or tricks; it was just frying chicken without the extra fuss. It worked and was especially popular in the southern United States. Then Africans came over and brought their spices into the dish, causing the flavor to skyrocket. Since then, it’s something almost everyone has eaten, and since it can survive hot weather pretty well it was a common food for workers.

But the southern American variant isn’t the only fried chicken out there, and in Asia, they make a fried chicken where the skin is crunchy and crispy but the meat is soft. That texture combination just lights the mouth on fire, doesn’t it! Then they eat the chicken with pepper salt and prawn crackers.

Even the Koreans have bite-sized fried chicken that is eaten as a snack or appetizer, and it’s the perfect fried chicken delivery snack before you go on your busy day.

The Rise of Chain Restaurants

There are countless restaurants that claim they have perfected the idea of making fried chicken or have a certain special sauce or seasoning that is their main selling point. Since people love fried chicken, the idea of selling it and reinventing it into new things has been a main selling point. Chain restaurants such as Cane’s sell the secret sauce, and other places have made chicken fries, chicken and waffles, chicken sandwiches, and other dishes.

Originally fried chicken, and chicken in general, was food designed to be eaten on special occasions since chicken was a rarity. The meal was then associated with southern households and African Americans during later years, before finally becoming a common and equal food enjoyed by millions of people every single day.

Often you can find it with biscuits, gravy, and other comfort food that will certainly fill you up.

How is it Fried?

fried chicken deliveryspecial sauce or seasoning

There isn’t one method of frying chicken that works for everyone. While the most common form of frying chicken is deep frying it, some people and restaurants use pan frying techniques to keep things a bit healthier and to save oil.

But mostly, restaurants use industrial equipment to pressure fry chicken quickly while also keeping it hot enough for people to eat. This ensures that they fry the meat thoroughly and also keep the food moving out to their customers quickly. Regardless of how the chicken is fried, the end result is one that is extremely delicious!

Whether you buy it or make it at home, there’s nothing better than a plate of fried chicken to wind you down.